Functional Fitness VA was founded by Thomas Abbey and Kavon Atabaki in January of 2011.

Whether you are a pro or an average Joe, you intend your body to work in a certain manner. Whether it’s your running stride, your golf swing or your jump shot; all have an intended physical outcome. However, with the onset of injury or if you are without the proper strength component, that outcome may be out of reach. That is where we come in. We will devise and implement the perfect regimen to put you back on track and give you the benefits of being functionally fit.

Make your body work, as it was intended. Sadly, it has become a fact that many of us spend our days in offices and behind desks. We stare at computer screens while typing on smart phones and listening to the drone of a television in the back ground. We do this for hours on end. We take the elevator to the 2nd floor. We hire someone to walk the dog. We drive everywhere. This is how we treat our bodies and then we wonder why they malfunction.

We believe your body was intended for a whole lot more than sitting in a cube. It was made to run far and fast, to lift objects of all weights, to climb, jump, throw, and swing. Essentially, each of us were built to be an athlete. It just so happens that some of us, never got the message. We are here to supply that message.

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