Functional Fitness VA

At Functional Fitness VA we believe in working hard.  We believe that sweat is the fastest route to making exhausted, happy people.  We also believe that there is no better way to earn that happiness, than to compete for it!  It is because of this notion that we’ve decided to launch: The Func Train.

The Func Train is your opportunity to follow along (and even join in) as we train for anything from road races to kettlebell challenges.  We’ll use all forms of social media to keep you updated on workouts, progress, etc.  This way you can use our workouts to train for the same (or a similar) event, or just laugh at us from afar.  Now if you chose the former and decide to do the same event, we’d love to have you on-board!  After all, what’s a train without passengers?  We will be offering group runs, starting from our facility at 510 West Annandale Rd in Falls Church.  We will also intend to meet up pre and post every event for race prep and general tomfoolery.

Oh, and did i mention there are shirts?

Are you down for a gritty ride to Brolic-ville?  If so, get on The Func Train! Check our calendar for upcoming Func Train races and events.

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