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I think it is safe to say my life is fitness. Ever since lifting my first sand filled weight in my grandparent’s basement at 12 years old, I have loved exercising. I have since taken that love of exercising for myself and found that even more so I enjoy bringing fitness to others. Helping people fulfill their personal health goals whether it be weight loss, strength gains, sports performance, or any other of the various goals everyone has, I strive to make each person’s path as fun and beneficial as possible. Some of my greatest joys come when a client reaches their goal, or when they go onto continue on their own in fitness with the knowledge and confidence I have been able to help bestow.


Northern Virginia Community College: Associates in Fitness Career Studies (2006)
Northern Virginia Community College: Associates in Arts Majoring in General Studies (2006)


SFG II: StongFirst Girya, the gold standard in Kettlebell Instructor certifications. The SFG details progressions and regressions of the big 6 Kettlebell moves (Swing, Clean, Snatch, Press, Squat, and Turkish Get-up). As well as the movements the workshop teaches how to maximize the body for both mobility and strength. The level II then expands and deepens on the big 6, as well as introducing 4 more Kettlebell movements (Windmill, Bent Press, Push Press, and Jerk).

SFB: StrongFirst Bodyweight, a thorough in and out of strength movements and training with just your bodyweight. The workshop goes over progressions and regressions for the Push-up, Pull-up, Handstand Push-up, Pistol Squat, Single Arm Push-up, and Hanging Leg Raise. The progressions and regressions make the application of all the movements applicable to everyone in one way or another.

CK-FMS: Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist. Bringing together the movement analyzation of the Functional Movement Screen and use of kettle bells to help your body move at its best.

FMS: The Functional Movement Screen. Learning the application of the Screen to see how well the body moves, and then the proper correctives to help clean up any areas where improvements are needed.


RKC II: The next level for strength and power training revolving around the kettlebell. The RKC II delves deeper in to the concepts of total body tension to create power, and mobility in specific areas to enhance movement.


RKC: Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor. The RKC not only imparts a deep knowledge of Kettlebell exercises, but shows how the body can be used to create mobility in areas, and how to apply tension to create a stronger body.

HKC:The Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification, is a introduction not only into the basic moves of Kettlebell lifting, but also instills the idea of Hardstyle exercising. It is a bit of a precursor to the RKC.


NSPA-CPT: National Strength Professionals Association- Certified Personal Trainer. The NSPA not only teaches the basics to personal training, but focuses on the High Intensity style of resistance training, as well as Manual Resistance training.

ACE-CPT: the American Council on Exercise- Certified Personal Trainer. ACE is one of the biggest names in fitness, establishing a strong foundation with the fundamentals of personal training.

Parkinsons Foundation of the National Capitol Area-Certified Trainer. A workshop dedicated to familiarizing the trainer with the problems of training clients with Parkinsons and the areas of focus that these clients need to work on.

Areas of Experience:
Boxing: Having been personally involved with the sport of boxing since a very young age I have worked on both sides of the gloves. I’ve worked with many clients in developing the fundamentals of the sport as well as having fun, tough workouts involving boxing as a tool to increase clients stamina, strength and coordination.

Kettlebells: Involving Kettlebells in my personal workouts as well as almost all my clients workouts, I believe they are the most versatile tool in any gym. Two Certifications and countless hours working with Kettlebells gives me a solid skill set to help bring proper form and great results to each client working with them.

Senior Fitness: Working directly with older populations over the years in a totally retiree based facility, gives me a good perspective of what is needed to help maintain a pain free and active lifestyle throughout our entire life. A focus for improving the individual clients Activities of Daily Living and helping to promote an overall healthy and active lifestyle may be needed for any client, but holds even more importance as we age.

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