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Exercise has been a passion of mine that continues to cultivate. As a young lad I played a sport every season.  Initially it was how I found healthy competition.  Over time, I realized that it went deeper than the sport.  I’d developed a true love of fitness, in all realms.  This love led me into the field of massage therapy, where I’ve been working for the last 8 years.   I attended the Utah College of Massage Therapy professional program (815 hrs) and was then invited to attend their Master Body Worker program (315hrs) in 2004.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned doing body work for such a period of time, is not just how injuries occur, but how they can possibly be prevented through strength training.  It was with this knowledge, that I decided to become a kettlebell instructor.  I have embraced the Russian kettlebell challenge and look forward to sharing this with future clients.


SFG II: StrongFirst Girya, the gold standard in Kettlebell Instructor certifications. The SFG details progressions and regressions of the big 6 Kettlebell moves (Swing, Clean, Snatch, Press, Squat, and Turkish Get-up). As well as the movements the workshop teaches how to maximize the body for both mobility and strength. The level II then expands and deepens on the big 6, as well as introducing 4 more Kettlebell movements (Windmill, Bent Press, Push Press, and Jerk).

SFB: StrongFirst Bodyweight, a thorough in and out of strength movements and training with just your bodyweight. The workshop goes over progressions and regressions for the Push-up, Pull-up, Handstand Push-up, Pistol Squat, Single Arm Push-up, and Hanging Leg Raise. The progressions and regressions make the application of all the movements applicable to everyone in one way or another.

FST: Fascial Stretch Therapy is a unique, complete and complementary system of table-based assisted stretching, focusing on the fascia and joint capsule as the key elements in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief.

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