Functional Fitness VA

In an effort to have the best possible community around us, and you, we have developed some great relationships with some great people and businesses. The majority are in a related field, but some are just great local businesses that we like and have built a friendship with. Below are a couple different ‘types’ that we have grouped together for you. We 100% back and believe in these businesses or else we wouldn’t even bother putting them up here, so no matter the level of our involvement with them, we think they are all great.

In House Partners: These guys (and ladies), are our closest compadres. We share space and more or less see eye to on how to help people Move Better & Get Stronger. We are thick as thieves and love working together to create the best overall plan for your success.

The Recovery Room, Inc.  

The Recovery Room offers some of the best massage therapy and active recovery services. Don’t give all that effort during your workout only to waste it because you’re not recovering properly.

Restore Motion Physical Therapy

Restore Motion offers top of the line one on one physical therapy. It’s not a patient conveyer belt like some other pt clinics.

Local Community Friends (with benefits): These are places in and around Falls Church that we have worked with on the professional level and loved the results, share views on health & wellness approaches, and a couple we have deals in place for Func Fit VA members. Check them out!

Brookes Chiropractic and Rehab

The Local Market (Our favorite local Grocer)

Erik Pelton & Assoc.  (Patent & Trademark Lawyer)

Mighty Meals    (Meal Prep, we are a Monday pick-up location)

LiveWellWithLiz  (nutrition consultation)

Worldwide Friends & Likeminded Places: If you find yourself traveling or moving to a different part of the globe, here are some exceptional professionals we’ve met either on in our travels or while attending workshops. They are great at what they do.

Achieve Fitness Boston

Rebel Strength & Conditioning Chicago

Centaur Belfast

Optimum Performance Training Institute

Albany Movement & Fitness

Full Force Personal Training





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