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Get In Where You Fit In

Posted by kavon on June - 19 - 2017

When time isn’t your friend a short workout is waaaaay better then no workout. Here’s my approach.

Summertime Workout Plan

Posted by kavon on May - 13 - 2016

Summertime is right around the corner so you know what that means: time to get lean and mean! It’s a common thought process to ramp up the workouts and training as summer approaches. Why? Because how else are you going to look your best for the warmer weather? Well, I’ll tell you how- we’re not going to care about the whole looks thing. I’m not saying that aesthetics aren’t important,  [ Read More ]

A Common Excuse- I’m Not a Gym Guy

Posted by tom on November - 30 - 2015

We all make excuses. One we hear often is – ‘I’m not a gym guy.’ As in, ‘I know I’m not in very good shape, but I’m not a gym guy, so this is just how things will always be.’ Let me tell you a story. I’m not a social guy. I’ve always wanted to be, but I’m not. This often comes as a surprise to clients, as I can  [ Read More ]

Better IS Better

Posted by kavon on October - 26 - 2015

Better: adjective, of superior quality or excellence:   This is a simple definition for a simple word. A word in health and fitness that, in my opinion, isn’t used enough or is used in only one context: an increase in weight or volume. This bring up the question of is more really better? Maybe, depends on where we are and what we’re doing.  More reps in the snatch test at  [ Read More ]

Vomit and Car Fires

Posted by tom on October - 5 - 2015

Hey Tom!  Hope everything’s been going well, just wanted to update you on how the rest of our fitness testing went for pre-season. As I told you before, I passed the running test with flying colors. I felt great the whole time. I also passed the push up test by getting 45 in a minute (requirement was 35), which ended up being the highest on the team. I also passed  [ Read More ]

Is your strength training really strength training?

Posted by kavon on September - 25 - 2015

What is Strength Training?  It is doing resistance training in a manner to increase your strength. This can be quantified in a number of ways:   – Moving more weight in a single attempt (Absolute strength). – Moving your body better through a certain motion (Bodyweight strength). – Total volume of weight moved in a session (Strength endurance, usually). – Speed or velocity of an object or weight over a  [ Read More ]

The Freedom to be Strong

Posted by kavon on September - 7 - 2015

Morgan Freeman’s character in Shawshank Redemption sits in front of the parole board and tries so hard to tell them everything he thinks they want to hear. He doesn’t once think about actually being reformed, he just wants to seem as if he is reformed. He’s not necessarily lying, he’s just trying very hard to present himself as the person they want him to be, without really becoming that person.  [ Read More ]

Give It All You’ve Got… Most of the Time

Posted by kavon on August - 24 - 2015

Hard work without a goal in action      I’m an exercise addict, I admit it. That was the first step, now how do I go about changing this? I know, right about now you’re thinking, “why change it? That’s a good thing”, and you’re correct, kinda. Addiction is the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences. So, I’m saying I would exercise when I knew it was a bad  [ Read More ]

Is it Functional? Or is it Fitness?

Posted by functional fitness on November - 7 - 2013

Is it functional? Or is it fitness? That became a joke phrase during our first year of business.  After our first race as a team, a not-quite-all-there gentleman saw our shirts and asked us that question and a couple different variations of it, numerous times. I don’t know if that guy intended for the question to bounce around my brain a few years later, but nonetheless it has. So, is  [ Read More ]

July Strength: The Hip Bridge

Posted by kavon on June - 26 - 2012

The Supine Hip Bridge is a great exercise for Gluteus Maximus strengthening, as well as core stability work. With a small tweak it can also be a good exercise for the Gluteus Medius.

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